Electrical Engineer

Iqra, an electrical engineer, embodies a rare combination of softness, kindness, and technical expertise. With a solid grasp on circuits and electrical systems, she navigates the complexities of her field with ease. What sets her apart is her unwavering enthusiasm for learning, driven by a growth mindset. Always eager to expand her knowledge and skills, she embraces new challenges and seeks out opportunities for personal and professional growth. Beyond her technical proficiency, Iqra's empathetic nature shines through. As a STEM trainer, she not only imparts knowledge but also understands the importance of connecting with and understanding her students. With her patient and compassionate approach, she inspires and empowers others to pursue their own STEM journeys. Iqra's unique blend of technical expertise, continuous learning, empathy, and passion for teaching positions her as a role model and valuable contributor to the world of electrical engineering and STEM education.

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