About Us

Chotay Kaarsaaz is a project of Oxbridge Innovative Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. that aims to impart the love of 'making' and 'learning-by-doing' among children so that they could apply textbook knowledge to real-life problems through critical thinking, decision-making and application of appropriate skills. We believe in the 'constructionist' philosophy which asserts that 'trial and error' is inherent in 'making'; it is only through wrong attempts that children learn how not to approach the wrong path, and the many ways of approaching the desired solution. In doing so, they become critical thinkers, innovators, and makers of tomorrow. We also believe that learning should be fun and deep-rooted in real-life, and that parents and education providers can play a significant role in creating an environment that can hone children’s creativity and bring out the innovators in them. Let’s Learn, Experiment, and Succeed! Through Chotay Kaarsaaz, we are launching Do-It-Yourself (DIY) educational kits for children aged 6-18 years. These kits are aligned with the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) a child is supposed to have achieved in normal school days, but due to the current COVID situation, children do not get the exposure to learn by doing. Chotay Kaarsaaz or Inventive Makers entails immersive activities related to robotics, engineering, electronics, physics, and algorithmic thinking and computer programming. Under the banner of Chotay Kaarsaaz, we have a few sub-categories to ensure that a range of STEAM knowledge domains are addressed for children of various interests and capabilities. These are: Chotay Mimaar – or Smart Architects, to create awareness about, and interest in the exciting world of Architecture.

Chotay Hisaabdaan – or Brainy Mathematicians, to create a love for learning Math in a fun and engaging way through brain teasers, board games, and math challenges.

Chotay Khalaabaaz – or Space Adventurers, to ensure that the kids who love space and astronomy are given the right kinds of tools and activities to make their learning of space more meaningful.

Chotay Funkaar – or Creative Artists, to give those artsy ones a nudge over the boundaries of STEM, as STEAM is more interesting and creative than mere STEM

Chotay Sciencedaan – or Brilliant Scientists, to give those budding scientists the right kind of hands-on exposure to chemistry, biology, plant and planet sciences.

All of our products in these ranges challenge a child to take the non-familiar path of making, doing, constructing, coding, thinking out-of-the-box, and creating their own artefacts using the raw material and inspirational ideas provided.